Engaging Young Audience Through Native Advertising

Native Ads

Our most digital audience are generation Y and Z. They are more familiar with gadget, sites trend, and also the latest technology. They also consume different content with the older generation. As the biggest part of the audience, brands want to reach them by relevant advertising and promotion strategy.


 source: tnwcdn

One of the ways to reach the young audience is by using native advertising. As we know Native Advertising is the trend of advertising right now because it is less intrusive. Native advertising with higher effectivity than any other display ads could trigger people to engage with the content we want to provide.

If you want to engage the young audience through Native Advertising, there are several things you should concern. These things are about

1. Media Choice

Talking about the young audience, you should know what they read at most, which channel they used to access, their interest and so on. You should choose the right publishers because your audience is there. If you choose wrong ones, you may not fulfill your target and finally, you grab the wrong audience. It means your budget will be wasted. For example, you can approach such like Hipwee, Kaskus, Wowkeren, Keepo, Malesbanget, or Pulsk to reach the young audience for your native advertising placement.

2. Language of Headline

By using the language of the young audience, you can easily set young audience as your target and engage them better. You should pick what’s the language trend and use it to attract your young audience to click the ad. By this headline, you can also trigger them to do the action for example download or register. A good and relevant headline will produce better CTR than ever.

3. Relevant Visual

Visual is one of the important factors to engage the young audience. What is relevant visual? It means you have to use something to attract young audience visually. You should survey for what they like, what they watch, the Instagram trend or any other related things. When we talk about native advertising, your visual should win the feed battle because there are so much feature images, especially for the young audience.

4. Prime Time

Wrong ad time is a fatal thing. You should make your ad appears in the prime time of the young audience. See their habit, for example, they are going to college at 8 am, then you may post your ad at 6.30am-7.30am if you want to reach them. You shouldn’t post your ad at the time they are not available, you may get the wrong audience then.

A good advertising should have their KPI fulfilled. These 4 points are good things to be concerned. Actually, every segment of the target audience should be treated per segment. Same language for all segment is a bad idea.

Let’s make a good Native Advertising with a right partner to maximize your reach.