Why Is Blog Important to Your Brand?

Digital Marketing

What do you think of a blog? Do you think it is for personal use? Blogs are for everybody, and especially for businesses. But you might ask yourself, why should a brand/business have a blog?

Almost everybody has heard about blogs and the impact they have on readers. Even they may have some loyal readers who keep updating the content of their favorite bloggers. Business blogs have a dedicated reader base and this is what we call as content marketing tools.

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 Dewina Journal is a blog of FreakOut dewina Indonesia

HubSpot did a survey in 2015 that 60% of businesses who blog actually acquire more customers. ThinkCreative also mentions small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than the small businesses that do not blog.

A blog for a brand is basically a tool to get closer to the audience. You may be bored if you find a brand that keeps selling things without any story they could deliver. You may be happier if this brand could sell a story of the usage, tips, or solution to the customers. So what are the reasons a brand should have a blog?

1. Tell The Story

As what has been mentioned above, the consumers may be bored about the product you describe directly. You have to build the connection between the product and the consumers. Even you can create the want of the consumers by your story. Some good articles in the blog may help you to engage your consumers stronger.

2. Boost SEO

If you have only one page of product catalog, it may be not effective. If you have a lot of articles on the blog, your SEO will be much better. You can create a better result in google index because you can play with the related keywords. The Internet of Things actually loves content, especially that is updated frequently. Blogs are rich of content and keywords. The blog will make your consumers can search for the product and other relevant things easier.

3. Brand Trust and Loyalty

When you have multi-content and channel to engage your consumers, you have a better and strong connection with the consumers. The story you have told will slowly persuade your consumers to gain their trust on your brand. They will believe your brand offer them a solution they may need, not only the product.

4. Source of Social Media Content

Posting things on social media as a business or a brand is a more active than a passive process that requires good content and a clear strategy. You will need a content bank, which you can get them from the articles of your blog. There will be more landing page, more content you can elaborate, and your social media will have more good content to create better engagement.

5. Source of Inspiration

A good blog will offer tips, solution and the usage of your product. It creates a story with relevant keywords. These kinds of tips and solutions are the inspiration for the users. And somehow, users will go to your blog to look for the solution of their problem or their need. They believe your brand blog is the inspiration.

6. Know Your Audience Better

Blog analytics offer you a very good insight, for example what posts they like most, what product they love, time to post to get higher engagement, what the keywords they look for etc. This good insight can be used to set your next strategy of selling product.