How to Overcome Banner Blindness

The average internet user is served thousands of banner ads every month. Yet, most users struggle to recall even a handful, and fewer still actually engage. But why? What is Banner Blindness? Banner blindness is the conscious or unconscious disregard for page elements that are perceived to be ads. In other words, the tendency to […]

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Covering Better Ads in South East Asia

The Trend of Digital Advertising Digital advertising is predicted will take over a significant chunk of a very large pie. One of the large pie in the world is South East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc. We have more than 339.2 million internet users in SEA, while more than 272 million are active mobile-social […]

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Native Advertising, A Bridge to Your Sales

Brands are looking to maximize their marketing spend to experience strong growth. They have considered native advertising to engage with the new potential audience. To “go native” effectively, brands should be selective in paid content placement and design campaigns. Do you know old-school print “Advertorial”? Native advertising is the digital and simple version of advertorial, […]

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