Native Advertising, A Bridge to Your Sales

Native Ads

Brands are looking to maximize their marketing spend to experience strong growth. They have considered native advertising to engage with the new potential audience. To “go native” effectively, brands should be selective in paid content placement and design campaigns.

Do you know old-school print “Advertorial”? Native advertising is the digital and simple version of advertorial, advertising designed to blend with an editorial feature of a website/newspaper. We know that native advertising is kind of content-focused, and also attracts clicks and engagement by its creative headline.

Power of Native Advertising

The power of Native Advertising is in the power of relevancy. We don’t force the audience to click, but as long as the ad is relevant, the audience will click it by themselves. Native advertising ranks higher than content marketing when it comes to brand awareness and landing page traffic generation. Brands could focus native advertising campaigns on attracting new customers and convincing them to interact further with their brands.

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The best goals can be achieved if you have good and relevant native advertising and the right content on your landing page. This right content is made to appeal to their target audience and target native advertising. You can imagine this native advertising is like a bridge. Why? Native Ad actually gives you the new and potential customers because it gives something relevant to the customers. Native Ad will be placed in some publishers which potentially grab the new audience. You could welcome your guest through your bridge and bring them to your house. Welcome them nicely and treat them with some good contents in your house.

While native advertising campaign content itself rarely focuses outright on products, merchants should be sure to connect the dots once visitors find their way to a landing page or the e-Commerce site. Although some people don’t want to buy something, Native Ad can even drive and persuade you to buy something you don’t need.

New Audience, New Sales

New audience means new potential sales will come to you. For some e-commerce that was handled by FreakOut dewina Indonesia, they use a native ad to promote their product. They made some headlines to guide the potential customers to visit the landing page. Using this native ad, we can reach CTR 0,32% and CVR 70,26%. Or another case, you don’t need to go on vacation, but you find a ticket promo by Native Ad “Now You Can Go To Nepal By Only $600!” in a certain media. You probably re-think about a holiday and you will click the ad, and purchase the ticket promo.

A native ad is quite simple, only headline, simple visual and description. But through these simple things, you can drive new sales. You can engage with the new audience better, using your content marketing. In the end, you can contact FreakOut to set your native ad at best. Grab new people, get higher sales.