How to Overcome Banner Blindness

The average internet user is served thousands of banner ads every month. Yet, most users struggle to recall even a handful, and fewer still actually engage. But why? What is Banner Blindness? Banner blindness is the conscious or unconscious disregard for page elements that are perceived to be ads. In other words, the tendency to […]

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Spider Man Campaign

[Case Study] Spider-man: No Way Home

Since its release in December 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home has kept breaking box office records. It has grossed $1.53 billion worldwide, cementing its place as the eighth-highest grossing movie ever at the global box office, as of 9 January 2022. Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia used FreakOut Richmedia for the promotion of this worldwide hit […]

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6 Native Advertising Trends for 2021

Native is the standard ad format for mobile and keeps growing year by year. According to research by ADYOULIKE, native ad spend is expected to increase by 372% from 2020 to 2025. This represents an increase in the native advertising market from $85.83 Billion in 2020 to a total global value of $402 Billion by […]

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Social Commerce in the Southeast Asia (2020)

The global pandemic has brought significant changes in consumer’s shopping behaviour.  According to Adobe report, during the lockdown, 58% of consumers in the Asia Pacific region increased their online shopping frequency. Another study by Bain and Facebook reported that 30% of consumers in 6 Southeast Asian countries increased their online spending, while 47% reduced offline […]

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6 Mobile Marketing Tips in B2C Sector

If we are playing within B2C sector, you can see lot of opportunities to maximize your effectivity to attract potential customers. We all know most people use mobile device to access internet. The growth of mobile has been very good in recent years and a lot of brand change their main focus to mobile. Nowadays, […]

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