Native Advertising: The Friendlier Way To Advertise

Native Ads

Have you ever browse through a website and suddenly a pop-up appears and block the website completely? Unless you do what the pop-up says, for example, to register or click on the ads, you are unable to access the site. Not to mention the close or [x] button is very small or not very visible. This form of advertising mostly annoy people and that is where Ad blockers comes in. For online advertisers and publishers, Ad blocker is their biggest nemesis. When the ads are blocked, the money stop flowing to publishers and advertisers cannot reach their goal and target audiences. It is a loss-loss situation except for the users.

Almost 50% People in the World Use Internet

As per March 31, 2017, the global internet usage have reached 3.7 million people, which is nearly 50% of the world population. It only makes sense that the digital world has been a new scheme in advertising. However, advertising in a website is different from traditional advertising such as Television and outdoor banner printing. For traditional advertising, people are not able to block it, unless they change the TV channel or look away from the banner printing. Advertisers have become smarter too, by making commercials that’s interesting or funny so people actually enjoy watching them. For example, the ads that appear during Super Bowl event are funny and very interesting, it makes people anticipate for the commercials. Take a look at some of the best Super Bowl commercials here (or click at the picture below).

PSY Pistachio Ads
Super Bowl PSY Pistachio Ads

Right now, the problem for digital advertising is how to make them less interruptive. This is where the native ads comes in. What is native advertising anyway? There are a lot of slightly different definitions of native advertising across the internet. From each of those definitions, the essential point is something like this: native advertising is a form of advertising that matches and blends in with the medium it appears on.

What is Native Ads?

Basically, native advertising is a form of advertising without disrupting the user or being annoying like pop-up ads. It is a much friendlier way to promote the brands, which something we need right now. This way, users feels more comfortable browsing the website and when they are clicking the native ads, it is only because they are intrigued to find more information about the promoted brand instead of an accidental click. Hopefully there will be less people who feel the need to use ad blocker if the ad format is less disrupting. This will create an ideal environment for both advertisers, publishers and users.