Understanding User Perspective in Digital Campaign

Digital Marketing

In an advertising campaign, both traditional and digital, users are the most important element. They are the campaign target, and a campaign should get attention from the users. We see that audience is the conversion target from sales of a brand. Brand will get the income if the target audience well-converted to a buyer. As time goes on, user insight will always change and the advertising campaign should pay attention on user behavior.

We should know how they access their device, the media, access time, most liked content, how they make friends in media social, celebrity they follow, and digital channel they prefer to use. To be clear, there are 5 things you should focus to make a digital campaign.

1. Know The User Insight

Before starting the campaign, we should know the behavior of our target audience. Brand should understand about the prime time, online shopping behavior, smartphone usage behavior, and other digital behavior. After understanding the user behavior, we can set how campaign runs, from the core message to the campaign execution.

2. Use Relevant Language

Well, you should use the right language, right term to communicate your message. Don’t do the wrong way because it will affect to your campaign effectivity. If your target is millennial, then you should use the term they used to. Formal language, for example, can be used to target the businessman.

3. Understand The Trend

A campaign should watch the booming trend. A trend in social media, can be taken as an insight to decide your campaign strategy. For example, if there is a trend of jumpsuit outfit, then it will be a good insight for e-commerce, to sell jumpsuit promo. Movie streaming trend, can be a good insight for an internet bundling package.

4. Use Effective Channels

Don’t use all social media if it is not necessary. Make the priority. Every generation, have their own social media preferences, and sometimes they just use certain social media channels. So what you have to do is distributing in the right channel, that is used by the target audience.

5. Use Comfort Ads

The usage of advertising is important to set a campaign. If you have a very good campaign, but you use the intrusive ad, then your campaign will not work. You can’t deliver the right message to the target audience. Native Ad, for example, will lead better conversion rate because it is the comfort ad format for the audience. It blends with the media, so the message can be well-delivered to the audience.