Running On Digital Marketing? Avoid These Mistakes!

Digital Marketing

Since we enter the digital era, all brand should prepare digital marketing plan to engage the audience. There are a lot of digital marketing channels you can see, but the question can be “Is your marketing plan effective?”. Digital marketing plan involves various factors, it is about the objective, insight, user, message, implementation until the analytic.

The thing we should focus on digital marketing, is how the engagement happens. Every step in digital marketing funnel should be well-considered, it is about how we concert the target market into our buyers.

Seeing this complexity of digital marketing, there are some things you should avoid to keep your digital marketing performance better. What are the mistakes?

1. You don’t learn from your analytic results

Thinking digital marketing, we should think about the analysis of our campaign. Why? Because it determines the effectivity of your campaign. Campaigns needs to be checked regularly to measure the effectivity. If your campaign result fails, you should check and analyze what happened. See the problem and find the solution to repair your running campaign.

2. Wrong message, wrong target audience, wrong goals

Setting a campaign, you need to decide your message, target audience and goals precisely. It is so important, because when you have wrong message, or target audience, or goals, you may dismiss the campaign result. You should make every decision based on analytic and insight you have.

3. Forget to test

Testing the campaign is quite necessary. It digital marketing, you can test the campaign with small budget. For example, you want to do campaign using native ad, spend little budget first to test the market. If the CTR is good, then you may continue your advertising. It means your ad is relevant and engaged to the target audience. But, once it fails, you should re-check where the problem is.

4. Jumping on every trend

Being successful in digital marketing doesn’t mean you have to jump on every trend you meet. Yes, the digital world changes so fast and you have to update the latest information. But, we should wisely choose the relevant trend we should jump, make it engage with your target audience.

Avoiding these common mistakes will make your campaign run effectively. Imagine how you can waste your marketing budget only for the result you don’t expect.