5 First Things To Make A Simple Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing

In making an advertising strategy, brand should understand how to spend budget effectively and reach the potential audience. Advertising strategy needs the good preparation, so we will get the result as we expected before.

In arranging strategy, we should understand about ourselves and know our target audience. There are 5 things you should notice in making an advertising strategy

Decide Your Product

Brand should understand the product they want to promote. A beverage product or example, brand should understand the unique selling point of the product, the positioning, etc. This USP, for example, will determine how we sell the product.

Who is gonna buy your product?

Brand should determine the target market (young mom, college student, urban people, generation Z, what else?). By knowing the target market, we can determine the approach we are going to use. The price logic of the product should be adjusted with the target audience.

What are their behaviours? How can we be close to them?

You should understand the audience behaviour, about the account they follow, outfit trend, information access, good contents for them, etc. These information will draw user insights, which may be needed by the brand to make such a strategy.

Brand can select the relevant influencers or news channel that recently accessed by target audience, or even content they like at most. Campaign will run more effective because it has high engagement ratio.

Give value to your campaign

Value is one of success key of a digital campaign. Giving your target audience value they need, will affect to the engagement. This value can be a spirit, which will be the core of content creation.

Use The Relevant Format

The relevant ad format is also needed to be discussed. Intrusive ad format can disturb users, it will also decrease the engagement of the ad. Auto-play video, is the most avoided ad format. Users will see less ad content because they want to close the ad display.