A Tribute to Brands and People in Food Bank Movement in Malaysia

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Kindness. Generosity. Compassion. Words which needed the actual enactment in real life situation during this pandemic. For those who still have a job to go to or income to depend on may not understand the need of it but for thousands of people who have lost their job and source of income, critically in need of them. Regardless which category we fall in, we’ve been waiting to go back to our ‘normal’ life which deemed quite impossible at the moment with increasing number of cases and clusters despite being in lockdown for almost 7 months now.

The situation is getting worse especially since this year’s lockdown. A large number of food banks, food giveaway, monetary assistance, free medical advice, free medications, funeral service aids and many other has been initiated and conducted during this period.

We, FreakOut Malaysia would like to keep up to at least one of the words and have organised free advertisement campaigns for these contributors to recognize them and at the same time, for their efforts to be able to reach the underprivileged. In this article, we will be featuring few organisations which have been doing tremendous job in terms of food bank initiatives. 

Uncle Kentang

One of them is social activist, Uncle Kentang. Uncle Kentang and team are known for amazing charity work especially this tough Covid-19 period providing aids such as food, groceries, ambulance, Teksi 10-sen, medical assistance, hospital shuttle service and more. Presently they are contributing food to existing food banks location at Balai Polis USJ8 & Balai Polis Bukit Puchong. 


Google Map of Food Bank

In addition to that, a Google Maps of food bank locations created by a netizen named Eric Ng has been very resourceful to many parties be it those who needs the aid or the contributors. Apart from initialising the effort, he has also urged the public to share and add on to the existing list. The Food bank Google map can be accessed here.

Food Bank Google Map
Screenshot of Google Map (as of 2nd Aug. 2021)

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