Grabbing User Attention Through Headline in Seconds

Native Ads

In a world full of words, how do you get people to actually read about your campaign? It takes more than good content or great design. The thing is you should guide them using headline. Headline becomes the power of Native Advertising because it can attract user attention. It is made to make the users see the content. Headline is a short sentence; it represents the longer message.

The challenge in Native Advertising is how you can conquer the audience in just 60 characters and 140 descriptions. There are some things you can consider in making headline.

1. Specific and Focus

Headline is made in one short sentence, full of message, so it can describe the content to the users quickly. It is made specifically and shows the Unique Selling Proposition of the product/campaign. Every product or campaign has its own USP, that can be highlighted in the headline. USP becomes the differentiator from the competitors. Headline should focus and represent the main message, avoid the click bait headline.

2. Daily Language

Headline should be designed using user’s daily language to communicate. That’s why It is better to apply active-verb in the headline. The active-verb will be useful to touch user emotional aspect. Also, don’t forget to keep it relevant to the audience.

3. Informative Message

Attractive headline is important, but we also need to make it informative. Informative headline will attract more user attention to see the ad. Attractive is not enough, you should offer information users may need.

4. Trend Update

Trend will always change day by day. Popular Trend will easily attract user attention. You should synchronize the headline and the trend, to engage more audience. But you don’t have to apply on every trend you met. Choose the relevant one and apply it.

5. Using interesting adjectives or unique rationale

The words: effortless, painstaking, fun, incredible, essential, absolute can trigger people click your native ad. They are interesting adjectives you can use in headline. If you’re going to do a list post, be original. For example, consider the following words: reasons, principles, facts, lessons, ideas, tricks, etc.

5 elements above need to be considered once you make an engaging headline. Creating a good headline needs creativity and informative to attract user attention. Headline is so important because it is the first line of your copy that audience read. It creates an initial impression that either draws readers in or pushes them away. So to introduce your brand campaign, let’s start it with a good headline.