Have A Successful Content Marketing Strategy By Avoiding These Things

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing using social media is probably one of the top marketing strategies among digital marketers. This is not surprising, considering that you can find social media almost everywhere. However, the presence of the massive networks doesn’t guarantee your success in reaching your potential audience. There are several conditions that can give bad impact to your content marketing campaign. What are they?

Your Contents Are Not Suitable For Your Target Audience

Good contents are not always interesting, but interesting contents are surely good. This kind of thinking has to be planted in your mind if you are planning to do guerilla on social media. What you consider as a decent content is not always what the mass wants.

Take some time to analyze your target audience and find what can attract them. After having the result, apply it to your content strategy.

Lack Of Call-To-Action

Although this might sound very simple, Call-To-Action or usually known as CTA is one of the most powerful factors to reach the conversion phase. Just like the name, CTA gives a sense of urgency which can move your audience to do an action as instructed in your Call-To-Action.

You Post In The Wrong Time

Picking a wrong time can affect engagements you’re supposed to gain, especially if you don’t intend to use ads because you want an organic result. Find out when your audience go online and try to post around the hours so the possibility of them seeing your contents and engage would be bigger.

Source: Freepik
The Image You Use Is Plain

The visual trend in digital probably won’t pass in the near future. We have to admit that most internet users are more into everything visual rather than verbal. This makes eye-catching illustration or photo are as important as striking headline, because in social media, first impression really matters.

Always remember that in the sea of contents, you need to be able to rise your audience curiosity. Grab their attention in 3 seconds before they continue scrolling on their feed. Attractive pictures can even be more effective than headlines because oftentimes, social media users aren’t focus and only see images.

Those are some mistakes sometimes forgotten by marketers. Avoid these things by continuously analyze your social media activity to see what and where your current content marketing campaign is lacking. Other than that, create improvisation in your contents and don’t forget to apply the latest digital trend which is suitable for your brand.