Consumer Character in Digital Era

Digital Marketing

Technology is growing rapidly in our digital era. This phenomenon changes the user behavior significantly. As we can see, the habit of buying, accessing information, getting interaction, they all change. Hermawan Kartajaya, one of the marketing experts in Indonesia, explained about the consumer character.


Picky consumer can be categorized as Snob Consumer. They choose the product from the quality. The quality of the product can increase their social status. For example, if a woman wants to buy a handbag, she will choose the branded and original one. She will think by buying branded handbag, it will increase her social status.


Full of calculation, this is how we describe the smart consumer. This kind of consumer will always focus on value of the product. They will consider the benefit they will get, and then compare the price of the product. For example, someone wants to buy smartphone. He will see the price and quality. He may choose the more expensive product with less risk in the future.


This type of consumers is not the picky one, but they might have at least one principle. They don’t see the quality of the product, value or even benefit they will get. They consider much about the price of the product. For example, they will buy the cheapest laptop for their need, even the laptop is easy to be broken.


In this digital era, the concept of entrepreneur is becoming popular things. This kind of consumers is more creative to face the digital era. In the previous era, becoming entrepreneur is a hard thing to do. Nowadays, people who keep updated about digital information, can be entrepreneur. For example, the growth of internet makes people can establish the e-commerce easily. The can join the e-marketplace or even make their own online shop.

The growth of digital nowadays makes things go easier, encourages people to be more creative than before. Everyone can be an entrepreneur for his/her own business. We can see also the concept of “Entrepreneur by Necessity”. They choose to be entrepreneur because it seems easier. The existence of internet will help people to create creativity to solve the problem.