Choose The Best Advertising Type For Your Brand

Digital Marketing

In this era of advanced technology, we already shift to smartphone to do most of our digital activities. We go to our phone to check emails, read the latest news, find updates on our friends, and many others. Apart from our daily routine, this behaviour also impacts how marketers should work. In some cases, the traditional form of advertising is not as effective as how they used to be. This is why us marketers need to wisely choose what kind of promotion types we want to utilize, especially when you work with specific budget. So how to tweak the selection process? There are some things that you need to examine.

First, the advertisement should be treated as an investment for your brand. As investment, the result is highly likely not to bring prominent impact to your brand overnight. Other than that, you also have to keep in mind that the result is not always about the direct numbers you gain from your advertising. There are other factors such as engagements and conversations between the audience that need to be a part of your consideration when deciding which medium you are going to use.

After considering this factor, put yourself in the target audience’s shoes. Observe their habits and see where they go in daily basis. The destination is where you have to place your brand ads. However, don’t forget to analyze the message you want to amplify. Is it suitable for the chosen place for your ads? Will the audience absorb it well if you put it in a specific publishers? There might be an urgency to adjust your message so it won’t backfire your brand.

The other aspect you might want to consider is your own budget. This is of course a crucial part for marketers. The effectiveness of your ads should be linear to the money you spend.

With the considerations above, there is a type of advertising that can be considered safe for any kind of brands: native advertising. It is a safe choice because the format of this kind of ads are very flexible and can be used on any device. Unlike some other formats of ads, the sublime approach of native of advertising also makes audience more welcome. This results in higher probability of conversion because actions made by the audience come from true interest.