6 Things How to Anticipate Audience Needs

Digital Marketing

Asia Pacific is one of the biggest markets in the world. The digital landscape, trend, behavior is constantly shifting. As we move into 2017, the digital marketing trend will focus more on content marketing. Companies in Southeast Asia actually have been slow in adapting content marketing. But this year, 2017, they will go deeper into content marketing. At this point, marketers should know the insight and also the prediction to meet audience expectations.

1. Content Marketing Skill will be hunted

Content production is really important to engage the audience. We can deliver our message well if we can prepare relevant content to the audience. People with story-telling skill will easily create the content user loves. Companies will look for more people who can engage the audience with content marketing skill.


 source: intersectionconsulting

2. Video Content to Fit the Buyer’s Journey

It is not like the image. The video actually is quite expensive in the production. The rise of YouTube, Facebook Video, and Instagram Video, actually is the proof how video content is needed by the audience. Brands create video ads to promote their brand value to engage and trigger to the dealing. Even more than 55% of the audience watch online video every day.

3. Social Channels will be the controlling tool of the marketers

What you should notice in digital marketing is the touchpoints in buyer’s journey. One of those touchpoints is the social channel. Social platform will increase the efficiencies in customer engagement. If you have good content inside, the efficiencies will be much better.

4. Authentic and less intrusive message

Users actually hate intrusive ads. They try to close intrusive ads that hamper the content they want to read. Marketers should make in-feed ads or at least less intrusive, so users will read our message. It makes your ad effective.

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5. Optimistic About Augmented Reality

The success of Pokemon Go, actually gives the picture to us that augmented reality is something good in the future. 53% of marketers (according to LinkedIn business) are optimistic about the future of augmented reality, even the production cost is higher.

6. Audience prefer visual Storytelling like infographics

Storytelling can help our audience to imagine what benefit of products they can get. Good visual also can support brand to be closer to the audience. This kind of storytelling can be in the form of gif, infographics and etc. Simple storytelling, easy to be understood is two components in engaged visual nowadays.