5 Things To Maximize The Impact of Your Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best strategies you can use to generate more ROI. It is not even an instant process; it can generate unique long-term compounding effects. With this content marketing, you can create assets and you start to engage your audience.


Source: Tailored.ink

This strategy takes time, but you should set strategy to get the positive return. While having the content is the first step, what you do with it – and what kind of content you produce – is what will maximize the impact of your campaign.

1. Shareable Content

To get most out of content marketing campaigns, what you need is reach. Shareable content can make it. For example, how you can make your content easy to be shared, spreading the tips, giving the solution or riding the trend. Make it relevant to you audience, so they will be closer to your content and share your content with their peers. Infographic may work as the shareable content.


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2. Use Your Own Social Media Assets

Content marketing is good for SEO purposes, but as we know that it only works when your audience actively search for the keywords. So how do you get your SEO better? Use your social media assets better, such like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to spread your content. Take to social media, where your customers are, tell them good headlines and they will read and actively engage with your contents.

3. Effective

People like to read effective content. What we mean by effectivity is about the how content can be well-delivered to the audience. Your loading time, the length of the content, the design of your site, mobile friendly or not and other factors determine the user experience. Provide them effective things to read and make them comfort.

4. Set Your KPI and Measure Your ROI

Of course, when you want to launch your content marketing campaign, you should set your KPI such like traffic, shares, clicks, and other indicators. You should always measure your ROI every 3 months, to know whether your contents work well or not.


source: lynda.com

5. Quality Than Quantity

We believe that quantity is just a number. If you are going to spend 30 hours on content in a week, it’s better to write 6 awesome articles than 50 lackluster articles. We are going to engage them, make them interested with us and we can gain brand loyalty from our audience.

Yes, just be aware that your content marketing strategies take a time to show the effects. You can see the ROI in your traffic or even in your sales later. The important things are contents and consistency. Let’s spread good contents!