5 Ways To Enhance Your Mobile Site Better


A strong mobile presence is urgently needed in this mobile-first era. But some people aren’t really sure about the implications to the business. As we know in 2015, more than 60% of all searches came from mobile device than desktop. Google, actually did their algorithm shifts to favor mobile optimized sites for search ranking.

Improving a mobile site version is a must, it will be the touch point to your users. Mostly, a mobile-friendly site, is user’s favorite. People use mobile devices to do everything such as simple information gathering to purchasing online stuff, banking, etc. It’s fast and easy. They want to connect and get what they’re looking for quickly. This experience should be provided by your platform.

Responsive_Design_Graphic_v2 source: optimizely

By this mobile-friendly site (or even app), you can reach more customers faster. Simply by virtue of having a mobile-friendly website, your site will be seen and visited by more people. Making your website mobile-friendly automatically opens your customer base up to anyone performing a mobile search. And even better – customers won’t have to hunt for your site or type in the exact URL to find it – they can just perform a search to find you quickly and easily.

So how can we enhance our mobile site to generate more benefit?

1. Social Platform Support

Social media will support your mobile site. Why? Most people access their social media through mobile device, so when you use social media, it will easily direct the users to your mobile site. This is the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with internet users. So being active in social media is definitely helping you.

2. Have a Mobile-Optimized Website

Without a mobile site, you will decrease your chances of ranking high, but also you provide suboptimal user experience. You should emphasize on font, color, move, length of the content, etc. It will also decrease the bounce rate because the users love to read your content.

3. Easy Domain, Easy to Share

Domain is important enough. When you have an easy name for your domain, people will easily remember your brand. You want to be able to easily tell people what your website is without having to spell it out for them. It’s also much easier for people to follow if you put it on printed media.

4. Simple and User Friendly

Your mobile site/app should be simple. In mobile device there are some limitations you should know compared to desktop. For example, hover. You can’t display hover for your mobile site. Get a clear understanding of the limitations of mobile and bake these into your design.

5. Focus on Navigation

Navigation is the way you can direct you audience. Direct them to where they should go, give them what they need. Get to the point. You should highlight the most important links in your navigation. Don’t set too much feature on your mobile site.

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