Here’s What You Need To Know About Marketing To Millennial Dads

Digital Marketing

In this digital era, almost any segment of audience is within your reach. This means that you can market to people that didn’t get too much attention from marketers in the past. One of those are dads.

The traditional way of parenting where dads are mainly the breadwinner and not really involved in what’s happening in the house no longer applies as prominent as how it was. Parenthood is a task for both mother and father, and their roles are more flexible in these modern days. There are certain needs from both of them and certain demands as well. This what makes marketing to millennial dads is very promising since there are not so many brands focus on them yet. If you have decided to reach this group of market, these are several things you have to understand.

Younger dads are more experimental

Experimental and highly curious are parts of millennials characteristics, and this tendency also happens when they become a father themselves. While moms are more careful and considering, these dads are more willing to test something they have never done before. To appeal to this side of millennials dads, marketers can use a more unique approach that don’t really follow traditional rules.

They are more involved in making purchase decision

The traditional parenthood stereotype has started to fade and now, the fluidity of parent roles in modern days makes millennial dads feel almost as responsible as moms in buying things for their children and household. This responsibility also makes them more aware of the value of a brand than the previous generation of dads or non-dads.

Utilize your data

In order to win millennial dad’s heart, you really need to understand them first. What would be the right message to grab their attention? How about the timing and platform used to deliver your message? To create the right way to get closer to dads, data-driven marketing is needed. Create survey, reach the source directly. Gather as much data as you can to see the pattern of their interests and behaviours, and don’t hesitate to test your strategy until you find the perfect formula.

They need more contents focused on them

When we look for contents on parenting and home, many contents out there are addressed to mothers. It is very difficult to find dad-focused contents even though their need of information is as high as their spouse’s. Focusing on contents that are produced mainly for millennial dads can help you to attract them to your brand and build a community.