3 Success Parameters On Digital Marketing You Probably Overlook

Digital Marketing

In this era, digital marketing has been seen as more complicated than ever before. This condition may be caused by the rise of new channels and platforms that become the new place for marketers to apply their marketing strategy in order to reach broader target audience.

The number of platforms that need to be run oftentimes make people in digital industry become a bit confused. “What factors can indicate the success of running strategies?” Some may ask. Other than data like page visits on website or followers and engagements on social media, what parameters can determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing?

  1.     Newsletter

E-mail marketing is still one of the useful and efficient strategies to reach your audience personally. The simplicity in sending out your newsletter is what makes it effective. You can inform your customers about what currently happens around your product, for example promos or new product launch.

However, there are times when digital marketers only have very little image of how their newsletter perform. Keep analyzing how your newsletter works to understand its effectiveness and what can be improvised from there.

  1. Access Speed

There are some crucial factors you need to maintain in order to provide a seamless online experience for customers. How long it takes when user access your website is as significant as a simple and friendly UI.

From their study on top 50 e-commerces in the US, Digital Current finds that the average speed of the websites when accessed on mobile is 9.52 seconds and 2.94 seconds on desktop. From this finding, you can learn that to give an optimal user experience, try to make your website as fast as possible.

  1. Toxic Links

One of the ways to build and maintain brand reputation on digital is routinely monitor the presence of toxic links. Toxic link is any link which can be spam or low-quality link that directs to your website. This kind of links is able to affect your reputation and visibility on search engine.

Most of successful e-commerce names in the US only have 2% toxic links. This percentage can be your benchmark in measuring yours. You can do screening in every few months to clean up bad links and improve links that are credible and relevant.