FreakOut Unveils Cutting Edge Tech With GP: Next-Gen Contextual Intelligence

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FreakOut, Asia’s leading ad-tech solution provider, unveiled its cutting edge technology at an exclusive event last week. The event showcased GP, a next-gen contextual intelligence tool for brand suitability on YouTube, highlighting its capabilities to target and serve ads on brand-safe YouTube videos that are contextually relevant to the brand.

The FreakOut Indonesia Leaders giving out awards


The event ‘The Rise of the Machine: Revolutionizing A.I. in Advertising’, was held by FreakOut Indonesia at CGV Pacific Place, Jakarta on February 13th with the aim of bringing together like minded professionals from across the digital advertising ecosystem for a night of networking and discourse. Participants engaged in discussions on current affairs in the industry and shared their views on pressing issues such as going cookieless, contextual relevance, and brand safety, and brand suitability.

The FreakOut Indonesia team also gave the audience a preview of GP,  a tool that leverages AI to combine contextual relevance and brand safety to serve brand suitable ads on YouTube (contextual relevance + brand safety = brand suitability). The product sparked curiosity and interest among the attendees, with many expressing keenness to try it while others were eager to learn more about it.

Audience Tuned in to Discuss all thing Advertising, Contextual, and GP

GP and Contextual Targeting

FreakOut focused on a few of the challenges surrounding YouTube advertising, including a lack of precision in capturing users’ changing interests as well as ads being delivered on non-relevant content, while conceptualizing and building GP. GP was thus created to help advertisers and brands reach users at the precise moment in which they are ready to engage with the brand’s message, allowing clients to strengthen their YouTube strategy while increasing brand awareness, brand safety, and reducing wastage caused by serving ads on irrelevant content. 

FreakOut remains committed to bridging the gaps that exist within the advertising landscape to enable brands to reach their audience at the right time, in the right way and with the right message. FreakOut’s flagship Native product was created with this vision in mind.

Over the years, it also launched many engaging and interactive advertising solutions to meet the needs of its clients. These solutions, such as FreakOut OTT, FreakOut Rich Media, and FreakOut Social, help clients advertise their brands and products across all levels of the marketing funnel. GP represents a significant step forward in this vision, offering brands a powerful way to reach their target audience on YouTube.

FreakOut Indonesia

P. Ghazali, Country Lead, FreakOut Indonesia
We are thrilled with the successful launch of GP and the positive response it received. We are proud of our roots in native advertising, but we are constantly pushing the boundaries and expanding our capabilities to better serve our clients. Moreover, In today’s advertising climate, contextual relevance is of utmost importance as it allows brands to cut through the noise and have a meaningful conversation with their audiences. FreakOut always looks for ways to create solutions that benefit all advertising stakeholders and this time, they were able to pool their knowledge and insights to create a product using best-in-class AI technology to meet the needs of today’s advertising ecosystem.”

Koma Okubo, FreakOut APAC Team Board
The launch of GP marks a significant milestone for FreakOut in our passion for innovation and leadership. We are proud to offer a product that will help brands reach their target audience in the most effective way and look forward to continuing to provide the most up-to-date solutions for our clients. The FreakOut Indonesia team is made up of knowledgeable individuals who know how to use these tools in a way that best helps local advertisers. We are confident that GP will revolutionize the way brands serve their ads on YouTube and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on our clients’ success.”

FreakOut has a number of events mapped out for the year. The next one will be held in Philippines. The event, Everything Digital All at Once, is set to take place in Metro Manila on the 22nd of February.

For more information about GP and to schedule a demo, please visit https://freakout.net/lp/gp/

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