Soar above the competition: Expert Insights for Lunar New Year Marketing Success ()

Lunar New Year Marketing Success: How to Soar Above the Competition

Happy New Year! As we welcome the year 2024 and prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year, are you, as a marketer, facing challenges? During this period, Advertisers in Taiwan and other Asian markets celebrating the Lunar New Year grapple with the question of how best to strategize their sales and marketing activities to achieve […]

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FreakOut Event Invite

FreakOut Reinforces its Contextual Approach with Latest Solution, GP

Event Introduction Manila, Philippines – FreakOut Philippines celebrates their latest contextual advertising solution, GP, at a recent event, Everything Digital All at Once. The event took place on February 22nd, at the BGC area in the heart of Manila, bringing together a diverse group of clients and partners to explore important topics surrounding brand suitability, […]

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FreakOut Unveils Cutting Edge Tech With GP: Next-Gen Contextual Intelligence

FreakOut, Asia’s leading ad-tech solution provider, unveiled its cutting edge technology at an exclusive event last week. The event showcased GP, a next-gen contextual intelligence tool for brand suitability on YouTube, highlighting its capabilities to target and serve ads on brand-safe YouTube videos that are contextually relevant to the brand. Introduction The event ‘The Rise […]

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How to Prepare for the Cookieless Era

Eversince Google announced that third-party cookies will be disabled in the Google Chrome browser by 2022, increased attention has been drawn towards Cookieless matter in the digital advertising industry.  However, a new study by Aroscop and Brand Equity that polled over 450 marketers, advertisers, publishers, and technology providers, found that only 22% of the respondents […]

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How Chatbots Empower Your Marketing?

You’ve probably seen more chatbots on websites or messaging apps these days. According to the research by MarketsandMarkets, the chatbot market is expected to grow from $703.3 million in 2016 to $3,172.0 million in 2021. Not only chatbots are used more often, but they are also used for a wider reach and variety of purposes. […]

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What is OTT and why does it matter?

“OTT(Over-the-top)” is the hottest term in the entertainment industry right now. But what exactly does it mean and why does it matter? And, will it affect the digital advertising industry?  In this article, we will answer these questions and introduce major OTT platforms in Southeast Asia which marketers should keep in mind. What is OTT? […]

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