Starting A New Business? Here Is The Marketing Strategy You Can Do

Digital Marketing

Today, mobile is the hottest platform to access the internet and have beaten the desktop. No wonder, going online with your smartphone is very simple, easy, and can be done anytime and anywhere. This year, We Are Social reported there are 4.42 billion connections used on smartphone devices globally. This is a remarkable number and can mean so much for businesses. If you are starting a startup, what can you do to make use of this situation to your marketing strategy and improve your new business?

Go All Mobile

Now you already know that everyone is going mobile. You are, too. That said, you must keep in mind that every digital asset you have needs to be comfortable to access on smartphone.

Make sure that all of your digital assets are mobile-friendly (Source: Freepik)
Make sure that all of your digital assets are mobile-friendly (Source: Freepik)

Create a mobile-friendly website. Make a simple user interface and experience for your users and convey your message clearly. Don’t forget to optimize all images on your website for a faster loading. This is crucial because many people don’t want to wait and would leave a page if they find it slow to load.

Audience also tends to fully consume the contents on mobile more than they do on desktop. If you optimize your assets for mobile, users are more likely to get your brand message. This may also lead to more conversions from your visitors.

Be on Social Media

This is a no-brainer strategy since we all already know that social media is a powerful tool to promote your brand. Take a maximum advantage from there. First step, you need to choose the right one for you. You can have accounts on every major social media, but focus on one that suits your brand the best in terms of message and audience.

After you set up your social media profile, create contents that are engaging and purposeful for your audience. Make sure your contents also show the essence of your brand identity. They can be fun, informative, or witty — all depends on how you think your brand is and your target customer.

Use social media (Source: Freepik)
Use social media (Source: Freepik)

Do E-Mail Marketing

There are so many reasons of why you should put e-mail marketing in your strategy. First, e-mail marketing is suitable for several objectives, from awareness to conversions.

With newsletter you are able to reach your customers and stay in contact with them in a timely fashion. The targeting process is easy and adjustable, it is always ready to be customized. Overall, it is simple to do as well as very affordable with a measurable impact. In e-mail marketing, you can track almost all metrics you want to know to learn about your customers deeper.

Use Native Advertising

Native advertising is relatively new, but it quickly becomes another big thing in digital marketing. This kind of advertising brings a new form that doesn’t look like forcing audience to consume what your advertise. Click-through-rate of native ad is higher than the traditional advertising. If you want to establish your brand image, this is perfect to put on your marketing strategy. Other than that, people tend to accept native ad more than the explicit ad which makes audience subconsciously avoid its presence entirely.

Those are the few ways to improve your business you can add to your digital marketing strategy. In short, in anything you do, put “mobile” first and the rest will follow. Be consistent with your strategy, keep analysing it and don’t give up if you don’t see an overnight success. It takes a process, but with the right treatment, it will give a good effect to your brand.