Technology Trends We Will See More Often In The Future


The rapid innovation in technology is already looking like it’s impossible to keep up with. This advanced progress has been giving a highly evident impact to digital industry and many are aware that it is necessary to keep up with the latest direction in the land of digital. To cater this need, we have compiled several technology trends we will see and use more often in the future. What are they?

Big Data
Big data has been quite a talk in the last few years. The importance of data is now become more and more emphasized with the advancement in the technology, especially because when it is done right, various aspects in business will gain benefits from big data. With thorough analysis with big data, every step can be calculated before it is made. It minimizes error and leads to a more effective decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence is not a new thing. Popular entertainment has been portraying a lot of hi-tech AIs for quite a while. Today, we can see that AI development is already progressed in an assuring way, although still far from AIs depicted in movies or books. Marketing gets a very fruitful impact from this accelerated improvement of AI. One of the obvious examples is how chatbots are very popular these days. With language recognition ability, customer service begins to be handled by AI. This will help marketers a lot in efficiency and give more time for marketers to pay attention to other aspects of their strategy.

Internet of Things (IoT)
We can say that in the future everything will be connected by the internet. It might sound extravagant right now, but the predicted condition has already started with Internet of Things. One example that can easily be found around us is the usage of Smart TV. With this device, besides the broadcasted contents, users can also browse the internet and do many things they usually do with their smartphone. We will see many more of this kind of device in the upcoming days.

Edge Computing
Internet of Things has raised another phenomenon, Edge Computing. It basically creates a shorter path for IoT devices to process their data. Edge computing sorts the data from IoT devices and decides which data needs to be sent to the data centre and which can be processed locally. This mechanism helps to reduce data traffic and create efficiency.