How to Make Your Native Ads Interesting to Click

Native Ads

Performance marketing has made click into metrics for measuring in digital marketing. Click has become an important tool before conversion was introduced. It is the initial start where audiences shift into clients. This performance marketing concept could also be found in native advertising. During native ads campaign preparation, you have to pay attention to the elements that make the audiences click your native ads.

There are a few factors that pique the audiences’ interests to click and read advertised contents:

1. Selections of Publishers

Effective native advertising is when the brand is capable of choosing the right publishers. The Publishers has to be related to the advertised content. For example, when the content a music event, you have to choose publishers with lifestyle, entertainment, or music contents. Relevance is one of the factors for click conversion, where the audiences do have interests in music, therefore they are driven to find information about music in particular media.

2. Ad Spots

The ads position is also influential for native ads. For example, an advertisement that is placed in the article body will have different conversion value compared to one placed in the footer. Similar thing happens with ads in the Home page compared to the article page. What you need to watch for is the user traffic in each media. Some media are optimizing their social media account by sharing article links which will lead to more traffic in article page due to users clicking & directly opening the article page.

3. Advertisement Timing

Different group of age will have different timing when accessing the internet. After deciding on a target audience, you need to choose the best hours in order to get relevant clickers. Such as audience of Millennials, they access the internet in the morning and at night before they go to bed. You should consider these hours to display your advertisement.

4. Relevant Headline

To attract the audiences, you have to create an interesting and creative headline. What is an interesting headline anyway? As discussed here, a unique headline lures people to click while correlating between the headline and audiences. Discounts and sale prices can be one of the interesting value for a headline. Don’t forget to adjust the words depending on your target audiences.

5. Creative Visual Selection

Don’t skip the visual planning. Visual design in native ads is relevant to the content and target audience. As an example, the utilization of local character for local audience, not too many texts on the image, and representing the content. Although it is small sized in the smartphone, the visual of native ads have a strong power to make audiences stop scrolling the page and click the advertising content.