Want To Create Mobile-Friendly Contents? Pay Attention To These Things

Digital Marketing Mobile

It is already well-known that one of the ways to successfully grab audience’s attention is being mobile-friendly. However, this can lead misperception and make us focus on the appearance of your website only. It is very important to remember that mobile-friendly concept also applies on the content. If this is the case, what can you do to make your contents mobile-friendly?

  • Make your content easy to graspYour audience expect an immediate service offline and online. When it comes to your website, it is worth to note that the loading speed is not the only speed that matters. How fast does the audience get the message of your content? This needs to be your consideration. It doesn’t have to be short, but keep the content concise. Provide a complete information your visitors need and don’t let them feel like there is a missing piece.
    Other than that, keep everything visually simple. For example, in text-based contents use easy-to-read font and if it is possible, categorize the points of your content with subheader. Optimize the images so it will load in an instance.
  • Ensure that your website is fully accessible on mobileCheck every page of your website and make sure that every element is all good on mobile. Do you embed multimedia contents? Are they pleasant to be seen from 5.5” smartphone screen? Be really detail and don’t let anything left behind. Sometimes what is not really important to you matters for the visitors, so you might need a double-check. this can be done by two sides, from your team and people outside your company. Ask them to review your platform.
  • Create multi-format contentsGiving multiple content formats can drive more traffic to your website. The visitors will appreciate this effort. If you have limited storage or resource to provide video contents, it doesn’t have to be an issue. You still can experiment with infographics or compelling visual.

If you have done all the things above, it is time to review and analyze the result. Never stop reviewing your steps and don’t hesitate to try what you think the best for your brand.