FreakOut works out a collaborative effort with our advertisers to aid flood victims.

Heavy rains that have lasted since December 17, 2021 have caused a series of floods in several parts of Malaysia. According to the report by Malaysia’s Agensi Pengurusan Bencana (NADMA), 33 districts in 8 states were affected by floods with a total of 62,999 persons displaced in 430 evacuation centers, as of December 21, 2021.

In response to this, many individuals and companies are trying to support the victims affected in this flash flood  that was said to be the worst in 50 years in Malaysia history. 

We at FreakOut, had worked out a collaborative effort with our advertisers over a Merdeka/Malaysia Day campaign in 2021, intended to contribute back to businesses and the society that are thriving hard to survive in this challenging time. In this campaign, every package taken up will benefit advertisers with extra digital media sponsored by FreakOut and RM500 will be contributed back to the society.

Kelvin Tan, General Manager – FreakOut Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. said “We understand 2021 has been a tough and challenging year for many businesses and families to make ends meet. The recent flash flood had made it more devastating and hence, we have chosen to collaborate with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, a non-profit organization, with this fund to aid the flash flood victims.”    

As of December 2021, we have received support from the following companies.

Thank you for your warm support.

The Malaysian Red Crescent Society

The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to humanitarian acts and services. It is a part of the global network of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement whose mission is to alleviate human sufferings and to promote lasting peace amongst people.

MRCS is generally mandated to provide support to Authorities in the humanitarian field and provides assistance in disaster management focusing on response and relief activities i.e. from rescue and evacuation to distribution of food aid, family and hygiene kits. They also conduct rapid needs assessments to ensure that they deploy their resources based on the needs and also provide emergency ambulance service, assist in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), Covid-19 vaccination programme and a number of other much needed humanitarian services.

The MRCS Flood Relief Operation is spread across all the affected states and is supported by their state chapters and local volunteers.

You can check the latest activities on their social media pages.



If you’d like to support MRCS’s activities, cash contributions to provide essential items based on the ground needs and requirements during the current response and relief phase are recommended, to avoid unsolicited donations and wastage.

Meanwhile, they will also need donations in-kind of household items like the gas stoves, rice cookers, electric kettles etc. when they move on to support communities in the recovery phase.

You may also support them with volunteers to help families to clean up and get back to their routines. To register as volunteers and to help those in need, please feel free to drop an email to Cik Hanis Hasan, Organisational Development, Youth and Volunteering Officer at